Class Specification

The whole preschool programme is divided into five age groups:

ClassesRequired age by Baishak/ at the beginning of the academic session.
Montessori infant18 – 23 months
Montessori Playgroup23- 29 months (1.11 – 2.5 yrs)
Foundation30 – 41 months  (2.6 – 3.5 yrs)
Pre school  I42 – 53 months (3.6 – 4.5 yrs)
Pre school II54-66 months (4.6 – 5.6 yrs)

Our Playgroup develops many fundamental concepts through play which eventually develops and broaden with each term of the year. They are gradually introduced to key concepts that build literacy, using sandpaper letters, stories, models, and daily activities. With music, books, movement and creative projects, learning are always exciting. Our program strikes a balance between the nurturing care children received as infants and toddlers and the growing structure and independence that will define their school years. Each quarter, children work with more challenging concepts all geared up for higher learning. At the end of the 4yrs of pre-school experience and training our children will be ready with all the skills and knowledge to excel in primary level of schooling. Although there are mainly four age groups, children are given plenty of opportunities to be in mixed aged environment for better social and intellectual group, a principal true to Montessori.