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Montessori Kinderworld (Gatthaghar)

Montessori Kinderworld Gatthaghar is a model school run by Nepal Montessori Training Center. Nepal’s first and largest Montessori Preschool!

A brand name of a chain of model preschools, Montessori Kinderworld was established in 2003 and currently operates four branches.
Our main vision
1. Early childhood education based on Montessori principles and philosophy
2. Being Montessorian along with respecting and integrating Nepali Culture.
3. Safe and stimulating child-friendly environment l.
4. Strong all-rounded preschool foundation.
5. Smooth and successful transition to Primary school
6. Develop high-quality independence, concentration, coordination, patience, order and self-esteem.
7. A fun and loving place to be in


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Location: Gatthaghar, Bhaktapur

Contact: 9851111891

Email: mkwb@montessorikinderworld.edu.np