School Fees

The school fees are payable for twelve months in four installment:

      1. 1st Installment – Baishak, Jestha, Ashad (last date of payment Baishak 30)
      2. 2nd Instsllment – Shrawan, Bhadra, Ashwin (last date of payment Shrawan 32)
      3. 3rd Installment – Kartik, Mangshir, Poush (last date of payment Kartik 29)
      4. 4th Installment – Magh, Falgun, Chaitra (last date of payment Magh 28)


Terms and Conditions of School Fees

  • A full terms’ fee must be paid, even if a place is required for only part of a term. Payment once made are non- refundable, non adjustable and non transferable.
  • No reduction is made on fees for the student who join or leave at the mid of the term.
  • There is no provision to adjust or waive in any kind of fees required to pay to the school if the student is absent for a long period of time with whatsoever reasons. This is applicable even if the school is not open due to political disturbances.
  • A month’s fees for food and transportation are waived on the 12th. payment of each session for the students who have paid for 11 months continually for an entire session (Baisakh to Chaitra).
  • No. 4 is not applicable to the students who join after the first month and leave before the last  month of the school year.
  • All the payments including admission fees should be made to the school account at the Nepal Investment Bank Ltd., Sunrise Bank or Nabil Bank. Payment voucher is available at the school Office.
  • Rs. 500 is charged against each bounce cheque.
  • The school fees must be paid within the first month of each term. A fine of Rs. 50 per day, per child, will be imposed for fees received after the last working day of the first month of the term.
  • If the payment is not made even after the last day of the second month of the term the  child will be allowed to attend the school after clearing all the due bills by the concerned parents.

Annual Stationery Fees

The school provides all the learning materials and stationery required for school for which a stationery fee is charged for an annual basis.


Annual Fees

All the students who have paid the admission fees and been studying in the school for more then five months are charged with an annual fees equivalent to three months of monthly fees. The annual fee is used to upgrade physical, educational facilities and to maintain or replace old toys and furniture.